AMT-USC stands for “American Made Technologies - United States Corporation”. 

We are a proud United States-based National Defense Initiatives software solutions supplier. 

AMT-USC is an advanced quantum-inspired software development company and leader in Quantum Inspired Software for Digital and Classical Computers.

Leading the market in quantum-inspired HPC servers that now emulate quantum computers allowing the use of quantum processes on today’s HPC servers protected by our quantum-inspired next-level multi-biometric IdM-ICAM User solutions for advanced co-developed with DARP providing absolute security for access to quantum-inspired software.

Leading is software development means leading, AMTUSC is pushing the envelope with quantum-inspired quantum-enhanced Neural Artificial Intelligence software.

This is the power of AMTUSC this is the best of both worlds-quantum and classical.

Our commercial COTS Solutions are sold worldwide.



We turn Quantum Physics into solutions for use today with the leading creation of Quantum Inspired Software for Classical and Digital Computers. We have created a best of both worlds’ breakthrough with current HPC servers that are now quantum emulation servers that allow for the use of quantum processes on today technologies | Quantum enhancement for current Data Analytics software, Data Computational Software, Mapping Software, Disaster Recovery Software, Compression Software and Artificial Intelligence software. | Quantum inspired protected advanced Multi Biometric IdM-ICAM-MDM software.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Multi Biometric Management  User Identity

Co-Developed with DARPA


The World’s first established, leading with proven use Multi-Biometric all Hardware Cross-Domain Insider Risk continuous authentication user “OneCARD” solution for absolute authentication approved use, user protection access technology.

OneCARD is HSPD12/PIV, NIST, FBI, FIPS, and GSA and DoD/Intel complaint with DoDIN approved use solution. Over 600,000 installed for 6 years with not one hack-bad actor violation to date. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​