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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning applied to Behavioral Analytics, Pattern Detection, Logistics Monitoring, Data Mining, and Network Mapping

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Every device identified is put under immediate triple P12 Biometric Authentication requirement for access. 

All IT and anyone accessing said network is issued and required to use Biometrics for network access. 

Managing all other installed cyber protection software-called.

Real-time AI Forensics.​​​​​​​


Managing the Managers.


This is what it does:


AI Automatic Counter Response with AI Anti Bot attacks against hackers with Integration with Aurora and can identify the entire hacker network and send hunter-killer AI’s to shut their systems down coordinated with black op hit for arrest and system seizure. 

Real-time Anomaly Detection.​​​​​​​


Network mapping endpoint averaging and monitoring. 

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This technology makes any data or enterprise information available on a single user interface by uniting legacy systems, applications and even external data feed at the presentation layer, not the data layer.

This provides decision-makers instant, intuitive access to the data and tools they need to make better decisions faster. 

The platform enables user-directed visual querying - a user can perform hundreds or thousands of queries to countless disparate data sources with just a click or a drag of a mouse.

The data is routed into analytical tools and the output is then rendered on the user interface. 

Athena AI is Logistics


Athena integrates disparate applications to provide a unified view of site operations and increase operator productivity.

Patent-protected technology triggers condition-based inventory placement and optimizes warehouse layout.

Athena technology can help you spot bottlenecks in traffic patterns, identify problem areas and provide helpful cues to use in training to improve on-the-job safety. 

This has been integrated with our Intelligent Security Shield for shipping security protection and theft detection system.

With Athena Warehouse, expect to see decreased operational costs, increased efficiencies, and better business outcomes.

AMT-USC Logistics AI engine with complete logistics monitoring:


Inventory ordered, receiving, inventory, shipping, customer receipt-heat-spot mapping with twenty-four hours a day AI mapping and learning. 

For more information on any of the AMT-USC Artificial Intelligence Engines, please contact us today.

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Trident Artificial Intelligence is Big

Data filtered Analytics

Aurora's core signal Intelligence Platform retrieves data from all open source platforms in the digital world, detects patterns in written text across all languages, and uses large-scale GPS data, to conduct location specific and network-centric forensic profiling around a wide spectrum of mission parameters.

Aurora is the new paradigm in the translation of the human footprint for detection and behavioral assessment of persons groups and networks of interest at any scale.

Aurora is a Threat Analysis Engine that is a security/threat intelligence platform combining discovery, analytics, virtualization, and immediate response.

Aurora is a Dynamic Learning Engine: as the world becomes more connected and technology advances applications for Aurora become limitless. 

It is currently in use by the Federal Intelligence Agencies.

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