Our executives, board members, and advisors grew Inacom Information Systems (now HP), founded and grew STG (sold to ERDAS), founded Pace Technologies that was sold to HP. 

At AMT-USC, we have a rich history of product innovation and are market leaders in deliverables. 

The executive team assembled with “AMT” were the creators of the first satellite digital mapping software, the first GPS/GIS software that was deployed and used with our troops in Desert Storm by STG, Inc. 

The creators of the first RAID 5 controller board and RAID 5 software sold to Barnett Banks and HP.  

We developed the first Mobile RIS software. 

We developed some of the first GEOSpatial software. 

We were pioneers in cloud development and introduced cloud viewers. 

We pioneered Mass Notification software. 

We pioneered Multi Biometric ID User Defense Systems that was co-developed with DARPA, the FBI, and DISA. 

We pioneered Cyber Alerting software with the US Army.  

We are the world leaders in developing Quantum operating systems, Quantum systems, and Quantum Encrypted Communication software.

AMT-USC delivers industry-specific counseled and integrated end-to-end solutions that support our  Biometric ID Cross-Domain Network/Gate Access Authentication, with phraseology mapped continuous user hardware validation, with Insider Risk and hacker locate. 

AI-driven monitoring and defense engines, Partnering with four of the most advanced artificial Intelligence architects in the world. The solutions are Behavioral Analytics with Signal and Pattern Detection, Logistics, Big Data, and Network Mapping cyber defense. 

Secure Cyber Communications, Cyber Security software, and Software application /migration/ integration and software development for complete security, strategic, operational, and financial goals. 

We deliver deep industry expertise in strategizing and implementing technology software creation, change, and integration while working collaboratively with industry leaders and our partners to create or integrate software processes and solutions to organizational objectives. Global in delivery capabilities, local in perspective.

Corporate offices located in Tampa, Florida. Federal Office in Virginia. Sales and Marketing in Tampa, FL. Enterprise Sale in Oklahoma City, OK.  Engineering Development offices in Tampa, FL, and Birmingham, AL.

Hugh Douthit - CEO/Chief Quantum Architect

A career history has that has included Software Design Architect, Director of Engineering Sales Solutions with Intelerad Medical Systems, Siemens, Inacom Information Systems (now HP), SBS, Satelco (now MCI), PepsiCo. Founded AMT-USC, AMT, Pace Technologies, AIC, and STG-Satellite Technologies Group. Mentored by Larry Michaels-Founder and CEO of SCO, Rick Inatome, Founder and CEO of IIS.

Designed and created one of the first GIS/GPS systems at STG, designer, and creator of the first RAID 5 controller board technology with RAID 5 software at PACE Technologies, created the first no patent fringing medical cloud viewers at AIC. Architected original cloud data center methodologies. Created the first Emergency Alerting Messaging at the request of the US Army at AMT. Enhanced the first and still currently the only fully compliant certified biometric ICAM enhancing with MDM and full PACS capacities.

Created the first Toffoli Gate Quantum Algorithms in Microsoft Q (quantum framing programing language) that successfully emulated quantum states in Superposition, Entangled Photons, Shannon’s Theory Modification, Parallelism, Fast Fourier Transform Beam Propagation, attained second state transfer here/not here that creating new Eigengate results, Method that allowed for the design and creation of and proving quantum emulation is a path to quantum while maintaining classical use resulted in the creation of Qbit, the world’s first Quantum Software processor, created Quantum Encrypted Data Communications with 2nd State Transfer compression, created Quantum and Classical Distributed Massive Parallel Processing Software resulting in 100% resource utilization for 105% speed enhanced processing results.

Created Quantum Lattice Networking in Fiber Optic Networks with Hyper Data 100Tb Block movement system for entangled photo managed control breakthrough, resulting in the creation and filing of 13 PPA USTPO quantum software product patent filings and 7 quantum emulation server designs PPA patent filings, attaining 40,000 TF or 40 Gigaflop speeds.

Served 4 years in the US Army under George Patton Jr. in the 2nd Armored “Hell on Wheels” Division.

Executive Board Member with the USF Cyber Security Board - State of Florida.

Frank Kampper – Director of Product Refinement

Frank has developed solutions for DARPA, Los Alamos, White Sands, CIA, and the Pentagon. Trained under Seymore Cray, Created the first HAL supercomputer, Created the first FPGA board technology.

Considered one of the original fathers of cryptology. Created software and hardware solutions for NRA, FEMA, the State of Florida, the State of Alabama, US Marines, US Army for the Afghanistan Conflict. Created Electromagnetic Shielding, Smart Munitions, and Smart Materials solutions.

Donna Wall - Director of Corporate Affairs

Offers a history of founding entrepreneur succession of successful companies. Offers a near-instant ability to absorb new subject matter to a precision level.

Larry Davenport - Director of Commercial Sales

CEO of MIT, and other successful entrepreneur company success history in commercial enterprise sales.

Brad Lewis - Business Development Director of Federal Strategic Sales, VP of South American Sales

Offers a long and successful history of attainment in the Federal Sector.

John Monville - Operations Director 2021 (Defense and Intelligence success history.)

AMT-USC Executives, Board Members, and Board Advisors 


Board of Directors

Hugh Douthit – Chairman of the Board

Deb Alterman - former CEO or President of SAIC, KeyW as Jacobs Engineering as honorary board member and advisor.

Rick Inatome - a Board Member (Directed Inacom Information Systems ($4 Billion Revenue) that evolved into HP today is an AMT board advisor and board member.

Rick Donnelly - as Advisor and Board Member (Directed Sales at Commvault) board member and advisor.

Mike Allen - as Honorary advisor and Honorary Board Member.