Leadership Team

CEO / Chief Software Architect

Hugh Douthit


1 (727) 292-1370

Federal Strategic Development

Brad Lewis

(240) 462-1939, (727)292-1370

Commercial Vice President Sales 

Larry Davenport


1 (727) 292-1379 

(Feb 1st, 2021)

AMT CEO HQ and Channel Partner Inquiries

Hugh Douthit, Tampa, FL

400 N Ashley Drive, S 1900 33206
1 (727) 292-1370

Federal Strategic Development  DC/Eastern Region

Brad Lewis, West River, MD

Commercial Vice President US - Central Region

Larry Davenport , Oklahoma, OK
1 (727) 292-1370

Business Development Executive - Western Region

Jean Prince  
(727) 292-1370

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US and International Sales Offices​​​​​​​

Director of Corporate Affairs and HR

Donna Wall
1 (407) 947-9919

Director of Media Development 

Diego Stein
1(407) 761-4609


Commercial Distributors

Insight Enterprises

Argus Technologies/XALLES


NTG-Northern Technologies Group


Federal Distributors

Gunnison Consulting Group



International Distributors

TFG-The Falcon Group

JCGI-Centcom Global

International Sales: The Falcon Group TFG

Jim Duffy
International Sales-Middle East/Africa/Europe/Far East

1 (850)628-7797


AMT-USC product distributors MRA Master Reseller Partners are:

Insight Enterprises, an $8.7B Super Systems Aggregator supplying over 6000 commercial accounts is now our partner that orders, assembles, tests, ships, supports the hardware, and optionally our quantum software.