AMT-USC User Biometric CAC Solution:

The QICAM, a quantum multi-biometric all hardware user continuous authentication that verifies the user authorized by the company is the user by user live comparative biometric confirmation and typing phraseology user mapping. 

This is what allows the user to have access to company phones, laptops/pads, and workstations, in addition, has the company-approved certificates for what company networks the user is allowed on and to what security level. 

This also monitors and alerts for Insider Risk actions and Pre Hacked new or assigned system deployment by the capture of hackers-loaded software and alerting of management. 

Has a management console for instant updating of any staff information or approvals or removals, with the next swipe of the card by the user and the card is updated. 

This is a DARPA co-developed solution designed to replace the outdated and 97% worldwide hacked CAC-Common Access Cards. 


This solution is sold with every Quantum Application software sold for ultimate customer protection (for QFire, QFiberLink, and QEC).