From Many CAC Cards to the AMT “OneCard”

Our software offers fingerprint, Iris, Facial, Foot, Hand, and a DNA Extension and protects all hardware with advanced management control and analytics.

P5 & P12 Tactical Identity Credential and Access State

Management (ICAM) Technology

AMT co-developed with DARPA/DISA/FBI a planned migration technology to co-exist followed by the replacement of CAC (Control Access) technology with our P12 multi Biometric ICAM/IdaM continuous authentication user defense ID.

The P5 or P12 Biometric ICAM user Defense System? 

The P5 is Multi-Biometric and Role-Based, providing multiple fingerprints, protected user data, and allows an in-extremis passive keystroke emergency authentication (one-time 4-digit code and bone alignment against bio-scanner).

The USA-P5/ID has been specifically engineered for interoperable implementations with legacy systems in virtually any venue and with any architecture and can be upgraded for dual continuous authentication by adding additional IRIS scanning.  

Multi-weather anywhere card, desert, polar, ocean, land, jungle in humid, dry, hot, or cold. Any extreme to any extreme.  

Works with approved existing installed fingerprint door and access scanners at 30% less cost than current CAC system costs, and it is fully integrated with AMT-USC continuous “phrased” user authentication for keyboards, mobile pads, and cell phones (that have fingerprint and camera abilities).

It has no hackable PKI, instead we provide a patented fixed data layer with a second modifiable Data Layer. 

The USA-P5/ID barcode (PDF-417) has been designed utilizing a unique mix of encryption and compression techniques, resulting in multiple layers of “data strata” encrypted data protection. 

USA-P5/ID’s architecture is highly scalable. It lends itself to fast track, ground-up 

implementation from local to international use. 

USA-P5/ID’s security model allows multiple levels of discriminating access, security, and control to be spread among multiple stakeholders, tracking the individual, not just the ID card. 

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The P12 is expanded to fingerprints, or fingerprints and single or dual iris biometric log-in, or fingerprints and facial log-in or the executive version of tri-fingerprint, Iris and Facial triple biometric login option (with optional upgrade for adding palm, foot, and DNA upgrades) with continuous or enterprise to endpoint authentication.

The P12 has continuous authentication keystroke phraseology mapping for passive authentication, this is for all user hardware technology: Mobile, Pads, Laptops, Workstations in parallel with Continuous Biometric Authentication.

Distinguishing Features of the AMT-USC USA-P5/ID Fingerprint and Iris-Dual Continuous Biometric Authentication System 

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