AMT-USC One-Solution Biometric User Credentialing Access Solution

One-Solution represents the next generation IdM, ICAM, MDM, PAK-ID PIC with multi-domain and cross domain use as One-Solution.

One-Solution is  HSPD12/PIV | NIST | FIPS | FBI complaint, approved for use by the GSA | Intel | DoD and HIPPA compliant and DoDIN network certified.

One-Solution is a quantum protected access control system for identity credentialing and identity management unified solution.

A true user multi -biometric with hardware continuous authentication user ID access control systems.

Use protected by a non-accessible advanced passive technology that does not require Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or RFI transmissions.

One-Solution user data is Quantum encrypted for the ultimate protection.

This is a 100% cooperative or replacement solution for all identification current products.

No-Infrastructure or methodology change is required with the Quantum One-Solution.

The Quantum One-Solution was DARPA co-developed to dual use solution providing cooperative dual use or replacement.

Over 500,000 installed worldwide with zero hacks to date with no support issues to date with no long passwords to remember.

One-Solution was Co-developed with DARPA under Project Babylon, further enhanced with the FBI and DISA developed enhancements.

AMT-USC Quantum Inspired software solutions QFire, QFiberLink, and QEC and use protected and accessed by One-Solution.