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"Name your reward!"​​​​​​​

The Qbit™ Engine

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This revolutionary breakthrough will allow Quantum processing on current server technology as a hard chip or added onboard WITHOUT the need for:


Massive energy needs or consumption​​​​​​​

No overheating​​​​​​​

No large noise results​​​​​​​

Does not create an extreme violation of local realism

Our Qbit™ engine is hybrid technology.


It is a combination of two disciplines.


Real Quantum dual state processing with allowance for classical data to be sent to a Quantum state, then back to Classical. 

AMT Quantum processing development created a new Eigenstate condition, in which data can be both here AND not here, simultaneously. 

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Solutions in Quantum Software




The man responded:

"Oh emperor, my wishes are simple. I only wish for this. Give me one grain of rice for the first square of the chessboard, two grains for the next square, four for the next, eight for the next and so on for all 64 squares, with each square having double the number of grains as the square before."

The emperor agreed, amazed that the man had asked for such a small reward - or so he thought. 

After a week, his treasurer came back and informed him that the reward would add up to an astronomical sum, far greater than all the rice that could conceivably be produced in many many centuries!

The number 64 doesn't sound that big, but two to the 64 is an enormous number, so that's why quantum technology is actually going to allow us to solve some of these problems we can't solve classically. Quantum technology is incredible because it's something that will change what can be practically computable, and this can change the Communications, Data Transmission, Big Data Analytics, Logistics, Behavioral Analytics, Pattern Recognition, Network Mapping, Cyber Defense and Security, as well as materials science, biology, medicine, agriculture, and the foundations of chemistry. 

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We are all like the emperor in some ways - we find it hard to grasp how fast functions like "doubling" make numbers grow - these functions are called "exponential functions" and are actually found everywhere around us:

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Compound Interest,


Moldy Bread, 

Populations of Rabbits, and etc...

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It doubles the potential computing

power of the machine.

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If we can overcome the challenges in developing practical algorithms, software, and machines, quantum computing could solve some problems where computation grows too quickly (exponentially in the size of the input) for classical machines.

Quantum technology will change the understanding of the sciences that fundamentally rely on understanding the behavior of electrons. 

A classical computer uses an exponential number of bits (electrons) to model the positions of electrons and how they change.  Classical computers have done amazing things like the Internet, but we don't often talk about all the things they can't do.

Maybe they can solve small versions of these problems, but when the problem gets big enough we just run out of COMPUTING HORSEPOWER. 

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Quantum technology will speed up the learning process of Artificial Intelligence, reducing thousands of years of learning to mere seconds.

A good example is an optimization = “Find the best solution to a problem among many possible solutions”

Quantum technology will deeply help with problems related to optimization, which play key roles in everything from defense to financial trading, quantum sensing and metrology, networks and communications, which lead to revolutionary ways to share information.

It boils down to two fundamentally quantum effects.

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Field Gate

Programmable Array 

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Hyper Data Movement 

Encrypted Data Communications

CPU/GPU Processing

Non-Forced Symbol to Pattern Processing

Logic AI


QKey - PKI/Key Replacement System

Photon Optical Transport System​​​​​​​

Anti-Crypto Counter-Attack Defense System

The first 100% quantum secure transmission software that is



There's a famous legend about the origin of chess and the power of an exponential. 

When the inventor of the game showed it to the emperor, the emperor was so impressed by the new game, that he said to the man:​​​​​​​

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Together this allows us to totally change how we run Communications, Data Transmission, Big Data Analytics, Logistics, Behavioral Analytics, Pattern Recognition, Network Mapping, Cyber Defense, and Security.

By combining Quantum Encrypted Communications (QEC) and Field Programmable Transformation Software (QFPGA), we created a set of advanced mathematical formulas, designed to create near-perfect emulation of Quantum processes.




Instead of us

going to ​​Quantum

why can’t we

bring Quantum to

  today's systems? ​​​​​​​

We discovered a breakthrough

when we ask the question:

When testing the mathematical Quantum emulation we call Qbit™, the breakthrough occurred and THE WORLD CHANGED THAT DAY

The Qbit™ Processing Engine creates Quantum emulations so real, that real Quantum processes took place. 

Quantum computing, on your existing systems. 

The first breakthrough occurred, actual quantum dual states: here, and not here.

The AMT-USC`s QBIT™ is based on Microsoft`s data cryptologic technique derived from Q#, the Microsoft Quantum programming language, using Toffali-gate quantum algorithms that implement classical arithmetic in a coherent superposition. 

This new paradigm shift product follows AMT-USC release of the world’s first Quantum application QEC ™ software that was globally tested. 


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Data Communications (Dual here/not here state) software. 

The Encrypted data block is now moved into the Quantum Managed Entangled Photon Movement System.

This occurs on 4-6 strands of Optical lines near SoL (speed of light). 

Transmission takes place upon receipt of the Quantum data block. 

The decrypt process takes place and Data is ready for client use. 

Data is converted to a dual state with one-half of the data here and one-half of the data in a true Quantum 2nd state. 

Protected like never before, because it is literally not here. 

The result is the first unbreakable, untouchable, and unhackable, true secure communication encryption. 

This is not theoretical  This technology is literally “battle-tested” with Defense and Military Intelligence agencies, and ready to tackle the Oil & Gas industry’s data challenges.


A real emulation, rather than a static emulator that cascades into real quantum. This does not require, isolated environments, such as cryogenic temperature controls or high-vacuum states or emulation device that can be integrated as a co-processor into any approved computing platforms.

Rather the ability to produce quantum processes near identical results on classical systems allowing alternate quantum computing today, testable and verifiable with near quantum speed performance (98%) results.

It is further designed with advanced access for users with multi biometric multi security all hardware controlled continuous User ICAM authentication. 

Shipboard computing platforms

Server farms

Artificial Intelligence engines

Forward Battle commands to the warfighter edge

Launch systems and tactical space commands

Air battle hive/swarm linked engagements

Autonomous Systems engagements

Battle Prediction with hyper signal/pattern data 

Financial block data secure transmissions​​​​​​​

Oil Production shipment with data block movement  

It is both an emulation that creates and connects to real quantum states in this breakthrough design.

The AMT-USC/N2K breakthrough QFPGA is a server type sealed cube that is capable and was designed as an add on device that can be integrated as a co-processor into:

Pattern Recognition​​​​​​​

Our QFPGA software will work with all programmable logic blocks and interconnection circuits on all Field Programmable Gate Array (FGPA) boards. 

The software can be programmed or reprogrammed to the customers’ needs for required functionality after delivery.  

AMT-USC/N2K will additionally provide 10 real-world useable programmable software templates.

Our Quantum FGPA software is a paradigm breakthrough. 

This is not a theory, this is a completed and tested Quantum software technology from AMT-USC/N2K.



Moving large hyper blocks of data requires special preparation of the data itself, specifically built-in prediction, error correction, parsing along with compression, and encryption.  

This is achieved with the AMT/N2K full integrated combination of QEC software, Quantum FPGA software with FPGA boards & parallel processing software. 

Quantum "large data" bloc loading: The quantum analysis tells us how best to sort, time, and transmit our data, predicting the future by recognizing problems ahead. A single data block can be as large as 100TB. 

Then the data bloc is converted into individual photon formations that are entangled to following photons to communicate intelligent formation flights.

We have developed an entanglement process that connects sets of photons by a coupled design resulting in both creating a photon transportation system.

This results in complete management of the photons integrated with the assembling, organizing, loading, transit, unloading to re-integration for a complete process methodology workflow never achieved prior to this.  

Speed of Light data movement, sir?

In copper wires, data is transmitted digitally by 1 and 0 value bits.

In fiber optic cables, data is sent by photons transmitted by lasers.

Copper-based transmissions currently max out at 40 Gbps (gigabits per second), where glass fibers can send up to 1014 bits of information per second (100 Tbit/sec), and copper wires up to 109 bits per second (1 Gbit/sec).  

Light can transmit information with a much higher information density (less error) than radiofrequency waves through copper.

In fact, the bandwidth limits imposed on fiber are mostly theoretical but have been tested to hundreds of terabits per second. 

The use of GPU (General Processor Unit) hardware acceleration improves data throughput in a conventional fiber-optic transmission system without requiring changes to the basic system itself, combined with an invention-level quantum hybrid encryption – a transformation that can function on classical computer systems. 

In copper wires, data is transmitted digitally, by 1 and 0 value bits.

In fiber optic cables, these bits are sent by photons transmitted by lasers. Plus, fiber optics can carry data at 2/3 or more of the speed of light. 

In fact, the bandwidth limits imposed on fiber are mostly theoretical but have been tested to hundreds of terabits per second.

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The hardware bottleneck is rapidly converting the raw signal to digital to photons, then on reception back to digital. This is highly computationally intensive.  

The General (aka Graphics) Processor Unit was developed to handle video and is much faster for the needs pertinent to this paper than a Central Processing Unit. 

To increase hardware efficiency, our GPU system accelerates the computation of the Fast Fourier Transform Beam Propagation Method (FFTBPM) at the point of light to digital.  The FFT-BPM is performed on a multi-core processor with GPUs to speed up the computation of large numbers of propagation steps with a much higher speed than the unaccelerated CPU.



The world’s first

quantum artificial intelligent



The need for this is in the interface from quantum true state to classical system conversions.

This will allow for the conversion of true quantum quad-state results to maximum speeds abilities of classical server arrays at the fastest, but not overpowering speeds from HPC to sever arrays.

The speed enhancement of the classical system is a significant result. 

This is a Mini-AI Driven Pattern to Symbol to the numeric algorithm

process that has been designed. 

Quantum PKI/Key

Replacement System​​​​​​​

The next layer of hardening is QKey, a replacement for the vulnerable PKI system. 

Our QKey consists of a digital file assigned to one user, the file itself is on a server behind network firewalls and layered biometric authentications.  

The file contains security certificates and other information on the individual to allow constant monitoring of the individual’s on-line work and provide on-the-fly changes to access and privileges.

QKey recognizes and rejects false-positive access signals

generated by a cyber-attack. 

Blue Quantum Photon Optical

Transport System​​​​​​​

Blue Quantum

Anti-Crypto Counter-Attack


Defense System

Then the hyperdata block is moved onto an individual Photon car that is entangled to another photon.  

We have discovered and patented an entanglement process that connects dual sets of photons by a coupled design resulting in both creating a photon transportation system and complete control of the photons. 

No other company and not one fiber company has this control. 

We present organized control.  

While large-scale quantum attacks do not presently exist, they are considered inevitable. 

Public key (PKI) data encryption is most vulnerable to quantum attacks to defeat the cryptography widely used for secure online transactions, communications, and algorithms DOD now employs on many systems. 

Stacked-layered authentication systems such as dual log required today are equally vulnerable to attacks. Federated IDM centralizations of authentication and variety pack security log in diffraction will allow for single point quantum integrated dual to eight state-integrated systems brute force attacks.  

While we do not know what kind of large-scale quantum computer might be employed, we suppose one exists of nearly limitless qubit power with features and capabilities as yet unimagined. 

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